I’ve been away I know, but I have good reason: I have a life. That is not to say everyone who blogs doesn’t have a life, but merely that I’m not adult enough to handle going to class and actually doing homework assignments And other life things like getting sick AND blogging at the same time.  I’ll freely admit I’m not balanced (Dear Borgia show, this is why we’ve had to part prematurely. Plus, you were a bit on the soap-ish side.). ANYWAY, where I was going with this is that Spaceboy’s persistence has finally won out and has me considering an iPad.

He was quite sneaky about it, slipping it in amidst my fevered ramblings. Yes, yes it would be nice to see his face… No, I hated dragging the craptop out. it would get too hot… Face Time? Fine… Well, yes, it IS cheaper than a new laptop…

Sigh. I think my iPhone was a bad thing, like a gateway to electronics that only jerks have. I will be one of THOSE people soon, with one of those Bluetooth headsets. I’ll probably go over to you sometime and pretend to speak with you, and when you say “Hi”, or “Get the Hell off the phone, this is a movie theatre!” I’ll pretend I had no idea it appeared as though I was speaking to you, and I shall give you an odd look before I wander off, kicking stray cats as I go back to my Hummer.


I realized when I looked back over the first entry that most likely I will be making mention of people other than myself (Yes, I am amazed too, at times, that my social circle involves actual outside-of-my-head people, but it does). So to make it easy, Dear Readers, I shall post here about the characters you are going to run into.

Me: I refer to myself as SELF, or in some cases, I. It really doesn’t vary much.

Now, one of the major things that happened between the last blog I tried keeping & this one is that some stuff happened in the world; money & business-wise there were changes, some big stuff happened weather-wise, & oh yeah, I got a boyfriend (AN ACTUAL BOYFRIEND, PEOPLE! NOT one of the golf-boyfriends which were all make-up, but like a REAL, LIVING, and best of all AWARE THAT HE IS MY BOYFRIEND and that we are-in fact-IN A RELATIONSHIP TOGETHER BOYFRIEND!)! Since I refuse to in my real life call him this, here he shall be known as SPACEBOY. Yes, he picked the name. Yes, he is actually legal, & quite intelligent, to  boot. No, I don’t get it either, & NO, he is not Lance Bass.

Now, I’ll have to wait permission for what I can call my friends on this thing… See, whilst I am trying to blog, they are out on vacations or going to dinner or other social things… I did want to see “Bridesmaids”. Hmm… Maybe I can check what showings they have?


See why this is so hard?

Yay! So I finally got a blog of my very own (Now I just need to actually WRITE in it, which is where & when the trouble always starts)! Now you may scoff at me being so happy about it but in EPALand this is like getting a new home. Gone are the annoying neighbors who randomly complain that they can hear you practicing walking in those new 4 1/2″ heels when you get home from working & it’s only 11:45 pm. Gone are those people you hate but that somehow found out where you live & feel the need to visit at holidays. I’d make a joke about family & relations but I actually LIKE my fam. Most of the time. (I am only human.)

So we’re taking the tour now, you & I. Step into the blankness of the mostly blog-less blog. Breathe in that new “Not Much Complaining Here” smell because it’ll be gone shortly. And mostly I want you to enjoy the very ME-NESS of the place. My OWN BLOG! About ME! ME ME ME! Here is where I shall lay my soul, as it were, on the figurative table. Here I won’t put up with complaints about me or my opinions. Which I have TONS of & guess what? A lot of them aren’t very pc. (Going back to my earlier metaphor, imagine that was the “Beware of Dog” sign which TOTALLY works since yes, people, I AM a bitch.)

Hello world!

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